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Building Calculator

Offer Building Project (110 sqm building with flat roof and land included)

  Object Type Unit Number Price
Land € 85.000
Construction Flat roof (key-in-hand) sqm 110 € 128.000
Permission Architect € 5.000
Building permission € 12.000
Building inspection € 5.000
Infrastructure Water € 1.000
Electricity € 2.500
Driveway € 1.000
Ground works € 2.000
Outdoor installation Terrace sqm  50 € 3.500
Pergola sqm  10 € 2.500
Garden normal € 7.000
Swimming pool € 30.000
Registrations Notary € 1.000
Tax € 6.000
Registration fee € 1.000
Service fee € 1.000
Commission € 2.500
Total price € 296.000

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