Загородный дом 1492

Загородный дом 1492

Эль Пасо - Alcala - La Palma

Wonderful property in El Paso- The finca is about 600 metres above the sea level. From there you have one of the most impressive views of the whole island. The 4000 m2 plot involves: The main house built in the traditional canary style in a unique atmosphere. It was built in 1895 and has been used as a wine cellar for a long time. The living room is divided into two levels. There is a charming fireplace, a dining area and traditional canary floors, windows and a roof made of wood. For making great meals there are two different kitchens. One looks traditional and the other is furnished in a modern style. There is also a bathroom and a bedroom. The house is connected with a new construction, which consists of a bedroom, a living room with beautiful panorama view, a bathroom and a winter garden. The house also has a wonderful terrace and a pool. The property includes a nice guesthouse. So, it is possible to accommodate three different parties of guests at once.


  • Строительство: 260 m²
  • Участок: 2700 m²
  • Высота: 600 m
  • Спальни: 3
  • Ванные комнаты: 3
  • Гараж
  • Наличие: в будущем
  • Мебель: часто мебелировано
  • Año construción: 1898


  • Бассейн
  • Загородный район
  • Спутниковая антенна
  • Вид на море и на горы


€ 440.000

+3% комиссионные агенства

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